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February 19, 2006

Before i have my own webhosting and domain name, this is my home and this is where i maintain my blog and journal. This is really my space somewhere at 2003. Around June 10, 2004 i finally bought my own domain name for myself – its . Though i have my own domain that time, it’s not right away it’s up and running. I look for cheap hosting and luckily my friend mark a.k.a. “boxph” in Internet Relay Chat (IRC) back then at Undernet network, host my domain for free. 🙂

why “wyzemoro”?
I use this nick in IRC . Looking for a distinct and unique nickname at IRC. Before then.. i use geekmoro or cybermoro. But i think wyzemoro is much more cooler. haha! I have some other reason though but i’ll keep it to myself. I’ll confess it soon at my new and revived blog. wanna guess whats my reason? haha! *evil grin*

Heres my new home for my Blog:


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